Group2FA Frequently Asked Questions

What is Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)?

Two-Factor Authentication is a specific type of multi-factor authentication that strengthens access security by verifying the user’s identity. This extra step involves an added layer of security that only an authorized user would have, beyond a username and password, when logging a user into a system. This could include some piece of little-known personal information, or a constantly changing character string displaying on a key-fob. Most commonly this piece of information is a randomly generated number sent to the authorized user’s on-file mobile phone number by SMS text message. This number is commonly referred to as a Verification Code or One-Time Passcode (OTP).

What is a Verification Code, or One Time Passcode (OTP)?

A Verification Code or One-Time Passcode (OTP) is a randomly generated number that is sent to a user during account login authentication. Commonly sent to the user’s cell phone by SMS text message.

What problem does the Group2FA App solve?

When multiple people share the credentials to an online account, such as couples, families, or employees, enabling Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) can be complicated. Often the individual logging in to the account is not the person that receives the Verification Code or One-Time Passcode (OTP) if it is sent by SMS text message.

The Group2FA App provides a single phone number that accepts SMS text messages and forwards the message to all members of the trusted group. These messages are sent via push notifications, Group2FA in-app messages, or SMS messages sent to group members’ registered mobile numbers. This empowers any member of the group to securely log in to the shared account, without the associated inconvenience of having to coordinate logging in with another group member.

Are my shared accounts secure?

Yes. Group2FA App does not access your accounts, nor does it collect shared account details, credentials, or other information. The Group2FA App simply passes/relays SMS messages and one-time passcodes through from other 2FA systems. Only you and your group will have access to your shared accounts and know which accounts they will receive messages from.

Is Group2FA free?

The Group2FA App is FREE to install, FREE to create an account, and FREE to participate as an Invited Group Member to a Group2FA number. Procuring and managing a Group2FA number requires a monthly subscription charge. These charges are based on the selected subscription plan, and the country and currency associated with the Group2FA number.

How do the SMS message limits work?

Each message sent from your online accounts to your Group2FA number is an incoming message. Every message forwarded through SMS is considered an outgoing message. If your group has 3 members, including the Subscriber and 2 Invited Members, and all members have SMS forwarding activated, each incoming SMS message will result in 4 total messages being used toward your monthly limit.

How can I reduce SMS message usage?

There is no limit on in-app messages, or messages sent by push notification to the Group2FA App.
Subscribers to a Group2FA number can control whether they wish to receive a forwarded SMS message or not. Subscribers can also control if Invited Group Members can select to have their messages forwarded or not. Turning off forwarded SMS messages, or the ability for group members to have their messages forwarded reduces overall usage. It is possible to make only incoming messages from your online accounts count toward your usage.

Are there any prohibited uses for this App?

Yes. Group2FA App may not be used to facilitate any illegal activity. The Group2FA App is designed to allow users to share 2FA messages with trusted individuals. KG ProdDev LLC reserves the right to monitor the use of Group2FA numbers and revoke access from users that are not using the application for its intended purpose.

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